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Interesting Gram blog post


I ran across an insightful blog post about Gram, which I thought I'd share. As a former Orlando-area resident myself, I sometimes read this guy's blog, and found this interesting: apparently Gram lived for a short time in Winter Park, FL. Granted, I have a personal interest in this because I lived very close to Winter Park (Maitland) and am very familiar with Summerland Ave. I don't know which specific house it was, but I can tell you that all the homes on that street are absolutely gorgeous southern style mansions, complete with mossy live oaks and swaying date palms, and Winter Park is hands-down the most upscale suburb of 'old' Orlando. Would have been a beautiful place to live. A few other insights too . . . enjoy. http://growingbolder.com/blogs/entertainment/music/gram-parsons-9404.html

Another interesting thing - if you ever drive through Winter Haven, there is actually a major street named "Snively Ave", (also lined with opulent mansions).
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