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Actual footage of the Sin City Shoot

My buddy on a show on Ovation in NYC: "Then they got to the part that almost knocked me off my couch. They are interviewing Hillman and he is talking about how he started the Burritos with Gram and in the middle of his interview they cut away and start showing this footage and I recognized it almost immediately. What they showed was video footage from the photo shoot for the cover Gilded Palace of Sin. At first the camera was placed on what I believe was a hill with a wide-angle shot and needless to say, I recognized the Nudie suits, and the shanty they were posing in front of ASAP. Plus the girls that were surrounding them. Then they had a close-up shot of all of them (yes, Gram included) and he is standing there laughing, holding a cig. OK, all of this lasted only about 25-30 seconds (if that) but for one brief moment, in glorious color, I could not believe I was seeing what I saw on the tube. I mean, where the hell did they get that footage from and what happened to the rest of the tape? I am sure there had to be more! It was just incredible. I didn't think ANY footage of that quality existed of Gram, it was just stunning." Anyone shed any light on this tape?
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