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Interesting Gram blog post


I ran across an insightful blog post about Gram, which I thought I'd share. As a former Orlando-area resident myself, I sometimes read this guy's blog, and found this interesting: apparently Gram lived for a short time in Winter Park, FL. Granted, I have a personal interest in this because I lived very close to Winter Park (Maitland) and am very familiar with Summerland Ave. I don't know which specific house it was, but I can tell you that all the homes on that street are absolutely gorgeous southern style mansions, complete with mossy live oaks and swaying date palms, and Winter Park is hands-down the most upscale suburb of 'old' Orlando. Would have been a beautiful place to live. A few other insights too . . . enjoy. http://growingbolder.com/blogs/entertainment/music/gram-parsons-9404.html

Another interesting thing - if you ever drive through Winter Haven, there is actually a major street named "Snively Ave", (also lined with opulent mansions).
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Cool. I've been wanting to visit where he was in Florida, out of curiosity.
Wouldn't it be wild to do a cross-country road trip and visit all the places he lived? Florida, Waycross, Harvard, try to hunt down Burrito Manor in Laurel Canyon, Chateau Marmont, and of course finish up with Joshua Tree, and maybe even New Orleans for total closure. Listening to his music the whole way of course! Ahh, if I only had more time and money. :-(
It totally would. Yeah me too.