Shifting my clarities (opheliablue) wrote in hickory_wind,
Shifting my clarities


I'm relatively new to this community so I don't know if these have been posted before, but here they are anyway:

Gram and Emmylou performing 'Big Mouth Blues' (not great quality but it's old... and anyway, if you're anything like me, just seeing it is enough):

Flying Burrito Brothers - 'Sin City:'

Short clip of Emmylou talking about Gram:

Flying Burrito Brothers - 'Christine's Tune:' - no footage here, just stills - Emmylou performing 'Hickory Wind' live in concert in 2000 (I was there!! It was amazing)

The Gram Parsons MySpace tribute page - has some interesting stuff on it - the 'Fallen Angel' documentary (which is brilliant) is available on DVD now (although if you're not in the US and you try and buy it through this page, you can't - but the UK and US Amazon sites have it).
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